Thursday, August 21, 2008

You asked for it here it is: Pimpcast #1 playlist

1) Isacc Hayes & Millie Jackson: Do You Wanna Make Love written by Pete McCann
2) Atlantic Environments : Dawn A New Hope
3) Zapan : Rice Paddy Shortcuts
4) Dj Vadim: Relax With Pep Part 2
5) DJ Vadim: Variations in USSR DJ Krush Remix
6) Steve Reich: Music for 18 Musicians
7) Atlantic Environments: Tintinnabulation “Contemplative Sound”
8) The Dead Science: Monster Island – Zars remix
9) Sergio Mega: Light Flight (Chamignon Edit)
10) Brian Sahajii: One Sided Baseband
11) Shann Tee: Jaros Dream
12) Roxz Thompson: I Try To See (Electro acid Mix)
13) Small Sails: Somnambulist
14) Drive-By-Argument: Dance Like No One’s Watching remixed by Alan Moulder
15) JMC: That’s Gangsta
16) Lele[Speaks]: So Ghetto
17) eR Don: Havewards
18) Headzinc: Jul-05
19) Headzinc: Mellow Summer Pimlico
20) DJ Itoy: 617(Zarbeat remix)
21) Foscil: House Party
22) Detroit Grand Pubas: One Hump Or Two
23) Detroit Grand Pubas: Sandwiches
24) Detroit Grand Pubas: The Clapper
25) Detroit Grand Pubas: Plasticene Gene
26) Detroit Grand Pubas: Big Onion
27) Detroit Grand Pubas: Dr. Booty Grabber
28) Detroit Grand Pubas: Big Onion joakin “slap on it” remix
29) Andy Toth: Panama Red
30) Andy Toth: No Pickle
31) Andy Toth: Isotope Teleportation
32) Blowfly: That’s What Your Pussy’s Made For

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